Monday, February 27, 2006

What is this about?

Very easy. My childhood was an infinite source of happiness for me. For some reason, my imagination took me along wonderful paths almost every day. I was a lot of things deep in my heart.
In my childhood I was:

  • Inventor (a real one: someone who creates spaceships, robots and time machines)
  • Magician
  • Scientist
  • Ruler of the world
  • Time traveller
  • Philosopher
  • Tibetan monk, with third eye, astral projections, (the whole pack)
  • Holy father (yes, no less than the Roman Catholic Pope)

I don't know if my childhood was very strange, or just normal. But I do know that it was extremely sweet.
It was happiness, it was beauty, it was a never ending dream that even now I have not still awaken. I want that dream to have a chance to infect you.
I want it to make us grow and smile, instead of fading away in sour ashes.


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